Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Cincinnati Radiation Society.

Membership Categories:

Plenary Member

$10.00 (USD) annually

Applications for plenary membership may be made by any person engaged in a field of work related to radiation protection or whose participation would simply benefit the Chapter. Membership in the Health Physics Society, while encouraged, is not a requirement for membership in the Cincinnati Radiation Society. Applicants who are members of the Health Physics Society are automatically deemed eligible to become plenary members of our local chapter upon registration and payment of dues.

Affiliate Member

$50.00 (USD) annually

Affiliate membership is open to companies, groups, and organizations interested in the field of radiation protection. The Affiliate Membership program was created to provide companies and organizations the opportunity for closer contact with health physicists in the Cincinnati area. The affiliate membership fees support the Chapter's public education and outreach programs.

Membership Information:

Our membership applications can be found below. For your convenience, the completed application form can be emailed directly to the CRS Secretary, or can be mailed along with membership dues (by check or money order made out to the Cincinnati Radiation Society) to the following address:

Cincinnati Radiation Society

Attn: Secretary

6951 Juniperview Lane

Cincinnati, OH 45243

The Chapter administrative year begins September 1 of each calendar year and resides on August 31 of the following calendar year. Membership dues are established on an annual basis by the Executive Council and are payable beginning September 1 of each administrative year.

Questions about membership should be sent to the CRS Secretary.