Bob Gallaghar, a member of the Radiation Unit of the Public Health Service in 1950, recognized the need to establish a discussion group in Cincinnati to foster mutual interests in the field of radiation.  The national program to foster use of atomic energy, “Atoms for Peace” also established a need to inform the public about radiation.  Over 25 businesses in the local tri-state area (Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana) were actively exploring uses of radiation.

Bob organized the first formal meeting of what was to become the Cincinnati Radiation Society (CRS) on April 15, 1952.  Attending the first CRS meeting were 75 participants from University Hospital, local industries (e.g., Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, Bendix Aviation, Cincinnati Milling & Machining), and governmental facilities (Fernald, Mound, Wright Patterson Air Force, and the United States Public Health Service).  The meeting was held at the Cincinnati Club and the cost of a five-course dinner was only $2.75.

In years following the initial meeting, local newspapers relied on the CRS for information concerning the risks associated with radiation exposure.  Although the CRS still dedicates time towards fostering knowledge about the safe use of radiation and radioactive materials (especially in our schools), our new focus is directed towards assisting first responders who need to have a unique understanding about the hazards and risks of radiation exposure in order to effectively and efficiently do their job in protecting our community in the event of a radiological terror.

The CRS, which predates the organization of the Health Physics, is proud to be the first official local chapter of the Health Physics Society.  We continue to serve our community in fostering knowledge on the benefits of radiation to society and mankind.

2018-2019 Executive Council:

President:  Scott Winters

President-Elect:  TBD

Secretary / Treasurer:  Wade Morris

Past President:  Louise Buker

Council Members:

Peter Darnell (2018)

Tori Brown (2019)

David Pugh (2019)

Awards / Nomination Committee:

Louise Buker (Past President)

John Byrne

Henry Spitz

Jerry Gels

Doug Draper

Tim Taulbee


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LACO, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative providing equipment and accessories for Radiation Measurement, Detection and Quality Assurance for applications in Radiation Safety, Homeland Security, Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Radiology.  Many of the companies we represent, such as Ludlum Measurements, have engaged LACO’s services for over 30 years.  We look forward to providing you with solutions for your radiation instrumentation requirements! 


VEGA Americas, a global leader in process instrumentation, has been on the forefront of radiation-based measurement technology since 1950. In addition to cutting-edge products, VEGA Americas offers Radiation Safety Officer training programs in its state-of-the-art learning lab, licensing assistance, leak testing, and other related services.

To learn more about VEGA Americas, its radiation-based products, and its suite of nuclear services, visit www.vega.com.


ORAU provides innovative scientific and technical solutions to advance national priorities in science, education, security and health. Through specialized teams of experts, unique laboratory capabilities and access to a consortium of more than 100 major Ph.D.-granting institutions, ORAU works with federal, state, local and commercial customers to advance national priorities and serve the public interest. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and federal contractor, ORAU manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Learn more about ORAU at www.orau.org.


Dade Moeller, an NV5 Company began operations in 1994, with a focus in health physics (radiation protection) and nuclear safety analyses with an emphasis on protecting workers, the public, and the environment.  We have attracted exceptional staff and become a nationally-recognized provider of wide-ranging radiological and safety services.

Today, we have more than 150 highly-skilled health and safety professionals specializing in radiation protection, public and worker safety, industrial hygiene, environmental protection, and workplace safety training.  In addition to Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, Professional Engineers, and others with environmental and safety certifications and licenses, we employ more Certified Health Physicists (35+) than any other private entity.  Many Dade Moeller employees have advanced degrees and have received national recognition in their areas of technical expertise.  Our close connections with professional societies, national laboratories, and academia provide Dade Moeller staff with input and access to the latest technical developments and expert opinions in our fields of endeavor.
Our acquisition in May of 2016 by NV5 has increased our professional offerings to include engineering, program management, construction QA, building commissioning, and energy services to the commercial and government sectors.  NV5 offers value solutions for public and private infrastructure, real estate and the environment.  Clients include federal, state, municipal and local governments as well as private property owners and quasi-public agencies for the fields of education, healthcare and energy and utilities.


Scientific Instrument Sales is a representative for nuclear products used in Health Physics, Radiation Protection, PET Facility Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Homeland Security, Physics and Material Research, Nuclear Education, and Training.  Product categories include: counting and spectroscopy equipment for education and training programs; gamma spectroscopy sample changers and shields; gross alpha/beta counting systems; stack monitoring systems; area gamma dose rate monitors; air monitoring (alpha/beta, noble gas, tritium); liquid effluent monitoring; and USNRC license exempt radioactive check sources.

Contact: Mr. Richard Love
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Phone: (865) 691-0352


Bionomics is the leader in providing turnkey radioactive and Mixed Waste pickup and disposal services to generators of all sizes.  Our commitment to our client is second to none.  We evaluate each client and their waste disposal needs, and then suggest plans that help reduce labor cost, exposure, disposal costs, and that offer the greatest reduction in long-term liability.

Contact: Mr. John McCormick
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LANDAUER joined Fluke Biomedical and RaySafe as a result of the Fortive acquisition in late 2017.  By blending an array of real-time dosimetry products, services and pioneering test tools for biomedical equipment and devices, Fluke Biomedical/RaySafe/LANDAUER are better able to deliver critical patient and staff safety solutions to health care providers around the world.  LANDAUER's core strength in dosimetry services and medical physics is complimentary to Fluke Biomedical and RaySafe's efforts to help customers with test tools for biomedical equipment testing and navigating complex regulatory environments around radiation exposure.

Contact: Mr. Steve Kohlmeir
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